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First Responder Mortgage Program™

Dominion Lending Centres® will be launching their First Responder Mortgage Program™ June 1st, 2021. This program will be exclusive to mortgage brokers licensed with a Dominion Lending Centres franchise. This is a very unique program that we are VERY excited to have access to for our clients. This pandemic has affected people from all walks of life, both directly an indirectly. The one constant that has remained throughout, has been the work ethic of First Responders and their willingness to put the well being of others before their own. This program is in appreciation of that spirit.

With the end in sight, this First Responder Mortgage Program™ will be eligible for the following First Responders who either have a mortgage currently or who are planning on getting one in the near future:

Police Officers


Firefighters (Employed and Volunteer)

Correctional Services

Border Services

Search and Rescue (Employed and Volunteer)

Registered Physicians

Registered Nurses

The program will allow qualified participants with up to $1,600 cash back for purchases or up to $1,200 in cash back for switching their existing mortgage to a qualified lender (rentals not included). The following cash back tiers are below based on mortgage size:

$100-149K | $0 on a purchase | $800 on a switch

$150-299K | $300 on a purchase | $800 on a switch

$300-749K | $1,000 on a purchase | $800 on a switch

$750K or more | $1,600 on a purchase | $1,200 on a switch

There is also the ability for eligible borrowers to receive up to $600 in additional incentives for opening eligible Scotiabank accounts and products before closing.

First Responders who qualify will also receive further discounted interest rates. These discounts will be adjusted accordingly based on where interest rates move during the life of the program, but will remain below what is being offered to new borrowers applying outside of this program.

The First Responder Mortgage Program™ is scheduled to run until October 31st. 2021, which means all applications must be received by that date. From there, the mortgage application must close within 120 days. There are other conditions that apply, such as confirmation of job title, who the main applicant on the application is (must be a eligible First Responder), as well as a repayment of the cash back received, if the mortgage is broken before the end of the term.

To find out more about the conditions to apply or for any inquires about this program, especially in regards to submitting an application under it, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or 778-23-8476.


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