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Mortgage Broker Vancouver
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Mortgage Broker Vancouver

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Mortgage Broker

Home Purchases

Purchasing a home is one of life's biggest decisions and in most cases, the biggest investments. Oake Mortgage is a father-son team with a combined 10-years experience in the mortgage industry in B.C.

When purchasing a home, you need to consider both the now and the future. This applies to not only the home and its occupants but also the lender that has funded the mortgage. No one mortgage application is the same and in order to make sure you are well represented and your mortgage is right for you and only you, contact Oake Mortgage today and see how they can match you to the right lender and mortgage product! 

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Refinances

Not only does the team at Oake Mortgage specialize in purchase mortgages, a large portion of their business focuses on mortgage renewals, mortgage refinancing for debt reduction, equity take out and investment mortgages. Unless you are a broker yourself, understanding the many different lender guidelines, rules, interest rate options, government policies as well as disadvantages and advantages of specific mortgage products will take more than a few Google searches

Save yourself the time, learn first hand and engage with an experienced, committed mortgage broker who knows the various intricacies when it comes to mortgage financing. Simply contact Oake Mortgage and find out what they will do for you!

Mortgage Broker

First-Time Home Buyers

For First-Time Home Buyers, it is especially important to work with a licensed mortgage broker who has the time and knowledge to handle your specific needs. 

With access to numerous mortgage lenders (including Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust) as well as specific knowledge on government assistance programs and the flexibility to deal with all questions at your convenience, the team at Oake Mortgage can assist you with your situation when it comes to mortgage financing. Speak with a member today to see how their knowledge can assist you in entering one of the most sought after real estate markets in the world...with confidence!

Mortgage Broker

Credit Assessment

There are four items that make or break a mortgage application; employment, down payment funds, subject property itself, and an individuals credit report. 

A person's credit report is essentially a reflection of your historical credit behavior - credit cards, car loans, student loans, lines of credit, etc. In order to obtain an approval for financing your credit bureau is the first item reviewed. Once an application is completed a member of the Oake Mortgage team will take the time to provide insight on your report and share how to improve or maintain your current standing!

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